urbandirt route embed

This page contains documentation for embedding urbandirt routes within your website.


To embed our routes in your site you must first contact us to curate the routes you wish to have displayed.


Please copy the embed code below into your website and replace the [[embed-path]] with the link provided to you by urbandirt staff.

To include an interactive map, add ?interactiveMap=true to the embed path. Including an interactive map will load content directly from RWGPS and may alter page performance due to the required javascript.

Our embeds work best at a 450px width but will expand to whatever the containing element size is. The code below uses 100% width but can be configured accordingly. We're happy to help with improving styling and responsive best practices.

The onload javascript is used to set the height of the dynamic iframe after it has been loaded.

Example Embeds

Interactive Map
Static Map