essential attitude

Riding urban dirt often includes mingling with people hiking who are seeking the same things you are: tranquility, escape, and adventure.

Respect your Surroundings

Please be kind to people you encounter on the trail. Remember that as a cyclist, you are a guest in this space.

Fostering positive interactions with people you encounter will help keep these spaces open to urban dirt people. Most folks you encounter are likely to be locals to the area. Taking the time to wish them a good day can help us all become warmly welcomed back. Perhaps compliment their dog, or flash a smile and some charm. Vocalize your presence with care when you ride up behind an individual or group. When you help maintain a healthy relationship between yourself and these locals, we will be able to enjoy these wonderful trails together.

Sometimes, you may find yourself in front of a private property sign. This could happen for many reasons. Ask for permission to cross their property if people are present, and respect their wishes.

Respect the dirt you ride on! Help maintain the trails by moving fallen branches, which will help people pass by with greater ease and safety. But please be reasonable. Never cut down a live tree to make a path wider. Also, refraining from skidding will help maintain a trail’s integrity. After heavy rains, trails may be more sensitive to tires as well. Please treat wherever you may roam as you would your own backyard, with respect.

Trail Maintenance - Before and After

Leave no trace. Carry out what you carry in. No microtrash.