where to find urban dirt

urbandirt is defined as the whole cycling terrain between roads and natural areas. This space usually consists of woods, community paths, grassy fields, riparian paths, and alleyways. 

Here are a few geographic areas covered by urbandirt at the moment. We plan to expand to progressively, but can't do it alone. If you’d like to help expand to new metropolitan areas, please get in touch with us!

Difficulty is primarily focused on the technical aspect of the trail, such as rockiness, rootiness, and tricky features. Pay special attention to the recommended tire width. Bigger tires will generally increase the comfort of your ride and augment your ability to ride over challenging features. A route’s rating is not primarily related to length, because not all dirts are created equal - some are harder to traverse than others.

We recommend you start on easier routes and work yourself up. Urban dirt can be harder on your body, bike, and morale. You may encounter unexpected challenges. Do make sure to read the route points of interest, warnings, and highlights so you know what to expect when you get on the trail. We would love to hear about anything you feel we should add to our notes! Most urban dirt rides also take more time than rides on smooth pavement, usually because more time is needed to appreciate natural beauty and share things with each other, like snacks and stories.

But most importantly: have fun, stay safe, and don’t forget to smile. We would also really appreciate feedback on the routes and ratings, so don’t be shy!

easy routes