what is urbandirt?

urbandirt is about riding bikes in our cities' backyards

This type of cycling will engage the body, focus the mind, and escape the noise of the city. Here you can be adventurous, curious, and discover the wonders of our local natural spaces. The dirt is nearby, and pedaling there can be done without the need of dinosaur energy to power an automobile.

You may be interested in riding urban dirt for a variety of reasons. Maybe you tire of the same paved roads ridden dozens of times, and you’re ready to branch out. Perhaps you’ve been spooked by cars on those rides and you want to feel safer. Or it could be that you seek more forest trails and wish to explore the hidden details of the natural places around you.

Alternatively, you may be interested in hanging out with a positive and inclusive urban dirt community. We are here to give each other support, encourage smiles, and share eureka moments. Backed by a community, you might double your search for unique features on your adventures.

We are excited you found urban dirt and hope we can discover some new places together. Let’s see where you can go.

current events

No events yet... but stay tuned!